Well, this year's NaNoWriMo was a bust for me. I had plans to finish up the first draft of the second Joey Cola book, but it just wasn't meant to be. I only got 8,700 words written. This book has been a struggle for me. It's not that I don't have some fun ideas of where I want to go with it, I'm just having a difficult time focusing. Life and all that. To top it off, I have another book that's been swirling around in my head.

So, I made the decision to put aside the Joey Cola book and put some effort into the new book, called Red Sea. It's a pure sci-fi epic. And I'm having a blast working on it. The actual writing is going a bit slow because there's just so much to it. I'm spending a great deal of time figuring out where the story is going, how the characters got to where they are, how the technology works, who the bad guys are, etc... Normally I just sit down and write and let the story unfold, but with this one I quickly discovered I had to have some good, solid answers to these questions before I could get very far.

So, for those two of you who were looking forward to Cleopatra Rising (Joey Cola Book 2) you may have to wait a bit longer. I promise I'll get back to it, but I've got to go where my muse takes me. Stay tuned.

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