A few months ago, I was excited to have my short story, Scout, appear in the Immortality Chronicles. This was the seventh anthology in the wildly popular "Future Chronicles" series. I highly recommend any and all of the anthologies. Now I've released the short as a standalone eBook. This is a prelude to a project I've been working on for a while now, called the Exodus Chronicles.

Here's the scoop:



In the not-too-distant future, humanity is conducting a frantic search for the next step in human evolution. Everlasting life is within their grasp, but one man needs it more than anyone else. It’s the key to ending his already immortal life.

Author’s Notes

With new planets discovered, on a seemingly daily basis, many in the Goldilocks Zone (not too hot, and not too cold) it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think there are planets besides our own that harbor life. And it’s not a huge step to think there might be creatures on other worlds with intelligence far beyond our own. But if that’s the case, why haven’t they discovered us yet?

One answer could be, maybe they have. Some have proposed that we as a species haven’t reached a level worthy of notice by advanced beings. If this is the case, what measure is being used to define our worth? What line must we cross before an alien race takes notice of us?

In the Star Trek universe, this was warp drive capability—humans invent warp drive, and the Vulcans show up. But even with warp drive, humans would still be, well, human. Our potential to process thought, and understand the universe around us, hasn’t really changed since the first humans walked the planet. Sure technology has improved, but our brain capacity hasn’t.

It is widely speculated that the next step in human evolution will be when we make the jump from organic bodies to the digital realm. When our minds are uploaded to computers that have processing power far beyond our three-pounds of gray matter.

Is that what the aliens are waiting for? Are they just biding their time until we are creatures they can relate to, communicate with? But, what would happen if they grew impatient? Maybe they’d work to help us out a little?

That’s what I’m exploring in Scout: An Exodus Chronicles Short. It’s a look at one alien, and his work on Earth to help mankind reach the point where we are worthy of notice by the rulers of his home-world. The only problem, for us, is that notice isn’t something we really want.

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