Exodus Chronicles

Scout: An Exodus Chronicles Short

In the not-too-distant future, humanity is conducting a frantic search for the next step in human evolution. Everlasting life is within their grasp, but one man needs it more than anyone else. It’s the key to ending his already immortal life.

Available as a stand-alone short story, or as part of the Future Chronicles anthology: The Immortality Chronicles.



An Exodus Chronicles Short
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Enslaved: Exodus Chronicles, Book One

She made the scientific discovery of a lifetime.
But, her unborn son will pay the price.

At a time when humanity has nearly eradicated disease, and war is but a distant memory, Dr. Cosette Sinclair, an astrophysicist with the International Space Administration, is tasked with finding a new world suitable for mankind's expansion to the stars. But when she discovers a tear in the fabric of space, just at the edge of the solar system, she must convince the world an unimaginable evil has arrived with conquest its only goal. It's not long before she realizes her desire to save her unborn child, is, in fact, the only hope to stopping the total annihilation of the human species.

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