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Cleopatra Rising: A Joey Cola Novel - YA Fantasy

As food riots engulf the physical world, and a battle for power consumes the dream world, sixteen-year-old Joey Cola must come to grips with his place in both worlds. Can he help save a planet on the brink of starvation? Should he seize power for himself and fill the void left by the missing Pharaoh?

While on the run from assassins sent to kill him, Joey struggles to maintain his own identity and sort out his feelings for his best friend Alexandra and the exotic and mysterious Cleopatra. The princess may hold all the answers, but logic tells him she can't be trusted. Unfortunately, for the first time in his life, logic isn't in control.

As the grip of the dream world grows, and the physical world becomes indistinct, will he be dominated by his lust for more power? Or will the love of his friends and family finally show him what is real, and what is just a dream?

10,000 / 60,000 (16.67%)

Enslaved: Exodus chronicles, book 1 - Science Fiction

At a time when humanity has nearly eradicated disease, and war is but a distant memory, Dr. Cosette Sinclair, an astrophysicist with the International Space Administration, is tasked with finding a new world suitable for mankind's expansion to the stars. But when she discovers what appears to be a tear through space and time itself she begins to wonder if we are not alone in the universe and if some unimaginable evil has entered our solar system with conquest its only goal. It's not long before she realizes her desire to save her unborn child, is, in fact, the only hope to stopping the total annihilation of the human species.

80,000 / 80,000 (100%)

Red Sea: Exodus Chronicles, Book 2 - Science Fiction

18,000 / 80,000 (24%)

Promised Land: Exodus Chronicles, Book 3 - Science Fiction

0 / 75,000 (0%) - Plotting

Therefore I Am - Science Fiction Short Story

Roxie Kline meets the man of her dreams, only to find herself embroiled in a war that spans the galaxy. The man in question is none other than Crown Prince Frederick William Saxony, Royal Heir to the Throne of the Seventy-Seven Worlds. The war is against the King, who believes all life outside the royal family is nothing but a mirage, and therefore has no rights beyond what he chooses to grant. Roxie stands beside her husband during a war that lasts a lifetime, never wavering in her desire to help free humanity from the grip of a tyrant. Will the price of victory be too much?

3,000 / 6,000 (50%)
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