Super Readers

Thank you for considering joining my super-secret society of super readers. SSSSR.... (Hmm... sounds kind of sinister.) There is hardly anything more important to me as a writer than to know there's a group of people who have my back. It can be a lonely profession, typing away at a keyboard with no one but a cat who wants to plop right there on top of my hands. (It really sounds kind of pitiful when I put it that way.) But, this is why I'm excited to have you on board.

I'm looking for a core group of people who want to help me on my journey. Folks who are open to reading early drafts of manuscripts (and letting me know what you really think.) Readers who would be willing, and able, to leave reviews when the book is launched.

I hope you'll consider being one of those folks. If so, join below. This will be followed up by an email with a few questions in it, so I can gauge your interests, and make sure I'm giving you what you want.

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