Names, Terms, and Pronunciation Guide

PlayAberthol Nauile
Ninth Aerodore. First Birth, 3640 YR. Second Birth, 3967 YR. King of Nuadaim. Son of Heulfryne Nauile.

Fortress built in the western pass of the Mountains of Shadow. Originally called Syl’Veilanor by the Sa’Lavian, which means House of the Quiet Moon, it was over-run by the Shadow Swarm and is now the stronghold of Baradrog-Shmeol.

PlayAerazhire Nauile
Seventh Aerodore. First Birth, 1937 YR. Second Birth 2003 YR. Death, 2568 YR. Son of Ellabeth Nauile. Father of Heulfryne Nauile. Reigned over Nuadaim during the Dark Years when the forces of Threim-Zhure covered nearly all of the land. Driven nearly mad by his obsession to find and destroy the one who murdered his mother, Ellabeth. Died without ever discovering who it was.

Race of beings created by Apog-Threim Ufo. Lexuije Mqueg being the first whom all others were created through. There can only be one Aerodore at a time. Their power is passed from one to the next upon their death. Each keeper of the power of the Aerodore manifests that power differently, usually in the way that is needed most during their reign over Nuadam.

PlayAeromore Mqueg
Third Aerodore. First Birth, 4092 PYR. Second Birth, 4020 PYR. Death, 2864 PYR. Son of Zhuquaf Mqueg. Father of Vuzhex Mqueg.

Horses found in the northern realms. Also called Ulmhol by the Waivrylle people. Loved by the Sa’Lavian people because they are the creatures who are closest to being able to fly without wings because of their grace and speed.

PlayAmber Hall
Capital city of the Waivrylle people. Built in a vast cave under the plains of Bruinthore as a way to hide from the Shadow Swarm.

PlayAnwalrah Dominah
The Sa’Lavian passage to adulthood. Much of the stature or strength of an adult Sa’Lavian is gained by how well they flew the Anwalrah Dominah. The closer to the ground they released themselves from their bindings, the stronger they became.

PlayApog-Threim Ufo
Also known as The One Who Is. The Creator of Nuadaim and the one without beginning or end.

Father of the dragon, Dwairomore

PlayArden Springs
One of the hidden fortifications of the Forbidden Knights.

One of the elders of Sa’Lavian, and mentor to Ur’Lowynd when she was a child.

Duke Barwich’s half brother. Commander of Waivrylle army.

The Eyes of Threim-Zhure. A Gordaith tasked with spying over Nudaim. Lives in the tower of Addlemort high in the Mountains of Shadow.

Port City in southern Nuadaim built between the deltas of the Baronwash and Everspring rivers.

PlayBarwich, Eduard (Duke)
Leader of the Waivrylle people. Tasked with the protection of his people—Commander and Chief of the army.

PlayBen’Joryne En’Borigon
Sa’Lavian Elder. Father of Sto’Raboan. Fought with Ur’Lyahna, and Sa’Ringair during the reign of Heulfryne Nauile. Nearly succeeded in defeating Threim-Zhure once and for all before they were forced to quit the battle to help rescue Idelle the Fair.

Also called the Central Plains. Homeland of the Waivrylle people.

Squire to King Aberthol.

PlayDolce (Captain)
Captain of the Faithless Father. Brilliant military strategist and former commander in Nuadaim’s Navy.

Dragon steed and friend to both Heulfryne Nauile and Aberthol Nauile.

Granddaughter of Illiam, daughter of Waljan Jyn and chieftain of the Neglafem after her grandfather’s death.

Wife of Waljan Jyn, and Daughter of Illiam. Died will giving birth to Elise.

PlayEllabeth Nauile
Sixth Aerodore. First Birth, 1827 YR. Second Birth 1906 YR. Death, 1967. Murdered in her bedchambers. Daughter of Zhuquaf Nauile. Mother of Aerazhire Nauile. Ellabeth was the first woman Aerodore.

PlayEllesworth (Prime Minister)
Leader of the Waivrylle parliament. Tasked with lawmaking and policing of the people. Works to oust Duke Barwich and aligns himself with Threim-Zhure.

PlayEll’Phinais Ber’Tozhyr
King of the Sa’Lavian. Husband of Ur’Lyahna Pen’Dygraise. Father of Ur’Danzhyar and Ur’Lowynd Ell’Phinais. Also called Ell’Phinais the Meek. Built Syl’Veilanor, The House of the Quiet Moon, which was later overrun by Baradrog-Shmeol and destroyed and replaced with the fortress of Addlemort.

PlayEl’Riana Nauile
The tenth Aerodore. Daughter of Aberthol and Elise.

Squire to King Aberthol.

PlayEternal City
Built by Zhuquaf Mqueg in the Green Mountains above the valley that holds the Yanore Forest. Houses the palace of the King of all Nuadaim and keeper of the power of the Aerodore. Called the Eternal City because Zhuquaf was convinced that no darkness still walked the land, and the Aerodore would live forever in peace.

Waivrylle – Apprentice to the cook, Olhmsford.

PlayForbidden Knights
Name adopted by a renegade group of soldiers, training without orders from the Waivrylle government authority. Established by Duke Barwich’s father as a way to one day free his people from the tyranny of the Dark Master.

Servants of Threim-Zhure – Captains of the Shadow Swarm. Creatures who live off the souls of the living. With insatiable appetites, they consumed thousands over the millennia. Those souls doomed to spend eternity in torment within the Gordaith’s shadowed forms.

The Tongue (or Voice) of Threim-Zhure. A Gordaith tasked with speaking the judgements of the Dark Master on all of Nuadaim.

Waivrylle – Comander of the Arden Springs Battalions of the Banished Knights

PlayHardwicke (First Minister)
Member of the Waivrylle Parliament.

PlayHeulfryne Nauile
Eighth Aerodore. First Birth, 2492 YR. Second Birth, 2724 YR. Death, 3641. Son of Aerazhire Nauile. Father of Aberthol Nauile. Credited with uniting all Nuadaim under one banner. Destroyed Threim-Zhure’s stronghold in the Drearwold.

PlayIdelle the Fair
Wife to Heulfryne Nauile. Died at the hands of Karogrex-Shmeol, but not before giving birth to Aberthol Naule.

Chieftain of the Neglafem. Grandfather to Elise.

Wife of Vuzhex Mqueg – Mother of Zhuquaif Nauile.

The Hand (or Fist) of Threim-Zhure. A Gordaith tasked with leading all of the armies of Threim-Zhure. Murdered Idelle the Fair in an attempt to kill her unborn child, thus ending the line of the Aerodore.

PlayLe’Rhyahna Ur’Danzhyar
Daughter of Ur’Danzhyar and Le’Rachiel.

PlayLexuije Mqueg
First Aerodore. Created directly by Apog-Threim Ufo around 11,000 PYR. Death, unknown. Credited with creating a new Nuadaim after a war between Threim-Zhure and Apog-Threim Ufo destroyed the old one. Created most of the races of Nuadaim. When his task was complete he passed his power onto his final creation, Zhuquaf Mqueg.

PlayLe’Xylous Ur’Danzhyar
Son of Ur’Danzhyar and Le’Rachela. Known as Lexy until he flies the Anwalrah Dominah.

PlayLoequazh Thabo
Sword forged by Lexuije Mqueg in the fires of Midaque Bazhor using steel and a mixture of his own blood. Also called Death’s Bane, the sword is said to be infused with the power of the Aerodore, and have control over the stronghold of death.

City of Threim-Zhure, constructed on the western continent of after Heulfryne Nauile drove the Dark Master from the east.

PlayMidaque Bazhor
Volcanic Island off the southern coast of Nuadaim. Location of ancient fires in which Lexuije Mqueg forged the blade, Loequazh Thabo.

PlayNa’Vordan (General)
Commander of Sa’Lavian armies.

The Ears of Threim-Zhure. A Gordaith who primarily remained hidden, listening for plots and uprisings against Threim-Zhure.

Keepers of the Heir. Established by Vuzhex Mqueg, the Neglafem dedicate themselves to caring for the Aerodore between their first and second birth, and protecting the histories of Nuadaim.

Also known as Thud. Leader of a small sect of scholars who are searching for clues about the return of the King of Nuadaim.

Means “The Land" in High Aerodore.

Duke Barwich’s cook. Uncle to Fendal.

PlayOrdonquifyn Stor
Stones of Seeing. – Allow the Sa’Lavian who owns them to see great distances. Can only be used to observe those they love with a pure heart.

Winged race of creatures from the north. The Sa’Lavian are nearly immortal. Living as long as necessary until they have completed the task that was given to them by Apog-Threim Ufo.

Hidden chambers in the rock cliffs behind the Eternal City. Also called Chambers of Waiting. Originally created by Vuzhex Mqueg to protect his son, Zhuquaif Nauile, from Threim-Zhure. Used for the millennia that follow to protect each of the Aerodore between their first birth and second.

Sa’Lavian Elder. Fought with Ur’Lyahna, and Ben’Joryne during the reign of Heulfryne Nauile. Nearly succeeded in defeating Threim-Zhure once and for all before they were forced to quit the battle to help rescue Idelle the Fair.

PlayShadow Swarm
Common name given to Threim-Zhure’s armies due to the dark red armor they wear. Mostly composed of Voormarg and some Humans.

PlaySto’Raboan Ben’Joryne
Husband of Ur’Lowynd and Son of Ben’Joryne En’Borigon.

Home of the Sa’Lavian people. Name means House of Protection as it is hidden in an ancient volcanic plain within the Ell’Floreila Mountains. Most structures, including the main palace, are composed of ancient trees that are grown over the millennia to be in the shapes desired.

Horse from the line of Alm’Huiel. Given to Aberthol by Ur’Lowynd.

Also called: The Dark Master, The One We Curse, Ellewain, which means Evening Star. First creation of Apog-Threim Ufo. Rebelled against the creator and began a war that has lasted millennia.

Game of strategy played by the Sa’Lavian.

PlayUr’Danzhyar Ell’Phinais
Son of Ell’Phinais and Ur’Lyahna. Twin brother of Ur’Lowynd. Father of Le’Rhyahna and Le’Xylous. Husband of Le’Rachiel. Co-Regent to the throne of Syl’Valina.

PlayUr’Lowynd Ell’Phinais
Daughter of Ell’Phinais and Ur’Lyahna. Twin sister of Ur’Danzhyar. Wife of Sto’Raboan. Co-Regent to the throne of Syl’Valina.

PlayUr’Lyahna Pen’Dyrgraise
Wife of Ell’Phinais. Mother of the Co-Regents, Ur’Danzhyar and Ur’Lowynd. Faithful servant of the Aerodore from the time of Zhuquaif Mqueg on.

A lizard-like race of creatures bred by Threim-Zhure to be members of his army. They make up the vast majority of the Shadow Swarm.

PlayVuzhex Mqueg
Fourth Aerodore. First Birth, 2743 PYR. Second Birth, 2624 PYR. Death, 96 PYR. Son of Aeromore Mqueg. Father of Zhuquaif Mqueg. Forged the sword, Loequazh Thabo—pouring some of his own blood into its making. He believed it would be the sword that once and for all destroyed Threim-Zhure. He built the Chambers of Waiting behind the Eternal City, as a place to protect his son, while he attempted to hunt down and kill Threim-Zhure.

Race of small, yellow-skinned men who live underground in the Central Plains. Normally peaceful, they are masters of engineering.

PlayWaljan Jyn
Father to Elise and former chieftain of the Neglafem. A master at the sword.

PlayZhuquaif Mqueg
Second Aerodore. Created by Lexuige Mqueg around 7500 PYR. Death, 4103 PYR. Father of Aeromore Mqueg. First of the Aerodore to marry a human.

PlayZhuquaif Nauile
Fifth Aerodore. First Birth, 297 PYR. Second Birth, 0 YR. Death 1894 YR. Son of Vuzhex Mqueg. Father of Ellabeth Nauile. With the power of his father’s sword, he drove Threim-Zhure into hiding for nearly 1400 years. He established the “Year of Reckoning" as a memorial to his birth, and to mark the time when the Dark Master was beaten once and for all. All time after his birth was marked as YR, and all time before counted down to his birth and was called PYR (Prior to the Year of Reckoning.)

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